Projects currently in operation
The second ADS-B plane tracking installation, with a Raspberry Pi 2 also running PiAware software and feeding the FlightAware.com site, along with an R820T2 SDR receiving dongle. The 1090MHz antenna is mounted in a window 27 stories above Manhattan facing ESE. Tracking distances of over 300 miles are common.
Hello Raspberry Pi!
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Left to right:

Raspberry Pi with DVMega board for D-Star operation.

Raspberry Pi with RT820T SDR dongle for ADS-B plane tracking, running the PiAware image.

Baofeng BF-F8 2M/440MHz HT for International Space Station packet reception, also VHF/UHF repeater work.

Raspberry Pi for ISS tracking and live video feed running the ISS-Above image.