This is me, K2RHK. I've been a ham since the mid 1950s, using surplus WWII transmitters and receivers bought on NYC's old "Radio Row," and later Johnson Viking, Heathkit, and Knightkit equipment. I operated 2M on AM with a crystal-controled "Benton Harbor Lunchbox." Later, when I returned to ham radio after a long break, something called "repeaters" were in use. It took a while to figure it all out, but now I enjoy SSTV, PSK31, FSQCall, D-Star, and sometimes even SSB phone operation. K2RHK is my original call.
Here's HF the station in it's current form. Just an ICOM IC-7200 and an LDG antenna tuner. The computer display is showing MMSSTV and the Robotator FTP widget which works fine with Windows 10 forwarding received images to the qsl.net ftp site, for which I thank both the author and qsl.net. For rig control I use Ham Radio Deluxe and for remote control LogMeIn.
The antenna is a G5RV. This is a picture of the post supporting the ladder line and the interface with 100 feet of RG8X. The antenna itself is (hopefully) higher.
This is my mobile station, a Raspberry Pi Model 2 and DVMega board running DStar Commander Software. Along with an ICOM ID-31A HT and an iPhone WiFi hotspot it allows linking to the complete range of D-Star reflectors.